Developing your Leadership Style

The purpose of this unit is to support your leadership development and encourage you undertake reflection on your own leadership style and behaviours in order to improve own and organisational performance.

For each section, please watch the videos and presentation and complete the associated activities.  Across the presentations you will see signposting to a range of optional resources to facilitate your thinking around the topics presented but you are also encouraged to undertake independent research.

This unit is all about YOU so to get the most out of this it is essential that you undertake honest reflection and high level thinking in order to identify your own practice and development needs.

Introduction Video

1: Understanding Leadership

This section is about understanding leadership and the different approaches to people management.


Exploring a variety of theories and thinking on the topic provides you with the opportunity to understand well-recognised characteristics of effective leadership and what strengths and challenges this brings.

From the activities, are you able to identify effective leadership and review the extent to which you display these traits?

Additional resource:


2: Who am I? 

Following the above section, it is now time to really focus on you.  


The activities included will allow you to better understand your preferential leadership behaviours and approaches through personality profiling and leadership diagnostics.    


Can you identify your prevalent leadership style and the effect this has on your team?  How could you develop this style?


3: My Leadership Development

The activities in this section require you consolidate the reflection undertaken in the sections above and commit to a plan to develop yourself as a leader. 


Remember this is your plan and the activities should be drawn from your own interpretation of the information above  - containing actions that are achievable and realistic.  


Following the SMART acronym would advised.


4: Assessment

Once you have enrolled, this section will be unlocked to complete your assessment. 


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