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Level 7 Diploma in Leadership and Management



The Level 7 Diploma offers strategic level thinking and learning, relevant to your organisation, and provides opportunities for the development of both the organisation and your future leadership.


Who Is This Qualification Designed For?

The ILM Level 7 is ideal for senior managers looking to improve their career prospects and for those looking to take their first step into senior management roles.


What You Need To Know

Learner and Organisation Benefits

  • This qualification demands strategic level thinking and learning, relevant to your organisation

  • This qualification provides development opportunities for both the organisation and the learner's future leadership

  • Activities undertaken will challenge the learner to review both their and their organisation's behaviour, processes and practices

  • The Programme will challenge the learner to investigate current and future practices of the organisation though action research principles and activities necessary to current or future roles

  • Learning explores classical and contemporary leadership management approaches, organisational performance, group culture and ethos through the development of a learning community

  • The qualification is completed in the workplace under the guidance of a dedicated coach

  • Learning and assessment are supported by electronic portfolio Learning Assistant, providing flexibility of study and to accommodate the demands of senior management positions


Course Units

  • Developing leadership and management capability through enquiry

  • Developing a high-level business case

  • Developing and maintaining a high-performance culture and optimising resources

Structure and Assessment

The course involves the completion of the 3 units, the requirements for which have been combined to form a set of rigorous activities based on the following steps:

  1. Choose an area for your enquiry

  2. Identify data and information for your research

  3. Collect data

  4. Analyse and clarify results

  5. Identify recommendations for improvement

  6. Implement recommendations

  7. Reflect and evaluate


Useful Information

Course Duration

Maximum of 12 months



(Payment Options Available)

Qualification Units

Vocational, Theory and

Essential Skills


Comprehensive enrolment process and support provided from a designated assessor


Find Out More

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What Our Learners Say

Graham Stephens


"The support and assistance provided by Portal and my assessor have been invaluable in helping me to develop and progress"

Hilary Jones

St Cyres School


"Working with Portal has been excellent and staff would recommend the programme"

Elin Llŷr



“I would thoroughly recommend Portal to anyone who wishes to develop their career and learn more about leadership and management"

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