Task 2: Developing your Leadership Style and

Becoming an Effective Leader (unit 406 and 522)

From Task 1, you will have had the opportunity to understand who you are as a leader, your preferred leadership style and your personal strengths and weaknesses.  


Task 2 is about further enhancing your knowledge and understanding of key leadership skills and how you may need to adopt a different leadership style based on the situation, person or other internal/ external factors. You will be introduced to lots of different theories and models around this topic which will support your evaluations and assessments.  


Emotion can also play a big part in leadership effectiveness and you will also be introduced to theories around emotional intelligence. This will allow you to review the effect emotions can have on your own and your team’s performance. 


  • Please download the activity book. 

  • Watch videos 2a-2e and complete the associated tasks. 

  • A supporting presentation is located at the bottom of the page which will provide further information around each topic.  

Task 2a - Performance and Engagement

Task 2b - Changes to Leadership Style

Task 2c - Blanchard and Hersey's Situational Leadership

Task 2d - Emotional Intelligence

Task 2e - Setting Direction, Motivating, Delegating and Empowering

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