Task 3: Managing projects and organisational change  
(units 417, 501 and 511)

Organisations are continually evolving and leaders play a vital role in the success of any changes. Within task 3, you will explore and assess the internal and external factors which impact on your organisation. You will also consider how well you and your organisation manage quality to meet with the needs of the customers. Based on these assessments, you will then identify an area for change which will require further planning in task 4. At this point, it is essential that you familiarise yourself with project management tools and techniques which will support with the planning and implementation of the change.


  • Please download the activity book. 

  • Watch videos 3a-3d and complete the associated tasks. 

  • A supporting presentation and ILM document is located at the bottom of the page which will provide further information around each topic.  

Task 3a - Change within Organisations

Task 3b - Organisational and Environmental Analysis

Task 3c - Managing Quality

Task 3d - Project Management Tools and Techniques

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